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FREE Shipping from the USA. | Most orders ship within 24 hours.

Ansed DIVAS Throttle Valve Synchronization For the MS6050 Scan Tool

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  • Works with the Ansed MS6050 Scan tool.
  • Synchronization of throttle valves on carburetor and fuel-injected systems according to the manufacturer's recommendations
  • Dynamic analysis of the manifold intake pressures
  • RPM reading
  • Synchronization procedures integrated with diagnostic functionalities of the engine control unit (idle speed control lock, TPS and/or self-adaptive parameter reset, analysis of fault code memory, verification of proper operating conditions, etc.)
  • 3 analog inputs for dynamic analysis and data acquisition of vehicle sensors
  • Built-in microphone

If you're looking to expand the features of your Motorscan, you're going to love the Ansed DIVAS Throttle Valve Synchronization For the MS6050 Scan Tool. Once connected to the scan tool all info will be shown on the scanner's display, The detailed graphs present minimum, maximum, and average pressure values for each channel along with the real-time engine speed, thus allowing precise and intuitive operations. Once the perfect pressure alignment has been achieved, then the green light indicator and the buzzer go off, alerting the user. If achieving the desired synchronization proves difficult, then the dynamic and simultaneous pressure analysis of each channel, using color graphs, allows the detection of sealing problems of valves, cylinders, or ducts. Integration of synchronization with diagnostic capabilities, with no additional equipment needed, allows to correctly set up a bike's idle speed control lock or to carry out intervention with all the resets according to the manufacturer's service manual. Using the connection to the vehicle's sensors, 3 analog inputs allow the real-time monitoring and storing of acquired data, thus extending the diagnostic potential of the tool. The user is empowered with a range of capabilities - from dynamic display to comparative analysis of analog inputs and values indicated by the control unit - achieving high-speed acquisition and subsequent processing of the monitored signals. The built-in microphone allows acoustic analysis of a vehicle, which is particularly useful when working with a silencer. 

Technical Features:

  •  Pressure sensor channels: n. 4
  • Pressure sensor range: from 15 kPa to 115 kPa (from 150 mBar to 1150 mBar)
  • Pressure sensor accuracy: +- 1 mBar
  • Pressure sensor sampling speed: 1 ms
  • Selectable pressure measuring unit: mBar, kPa, cmHg, A/D steps
  • Analog/Digital input (AUX): 0-5 Volt and 0-12 Volt
  • Sensor power supply output (AUX): 5-12 Volt stabilized
  • Engine speed range: from 400 to 6000 rpm
  • Built-in microphone: Sound pressure reading in decibels (dB)
  • Power supply: Self-powered by MS6050 internal battery.
  • Additional features: Atmospheric pressure display. Pressure sensor self-calibration. Multi-language support. Save and replay test
  • Hoses: 4x7 mt 6 (chemical resistant). 5x8 mt 0.5 (silicon / heat resistant).
  • Adapters: n. 4 M5 connector. n. 4 M6 connector. n. 1 T-piece


Info on the Motorscan DIVAS 6053 Throttle Valve Synchronization attachment


How to Synchronize Throttle Valves on with the Ansed Motorscan DIVAS 6053


Need more info? Please contact us or go to the Ansed Resource Center.

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