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FREE Shipping from the USA. | Most orders ship within 24 hours.
New Automotive Pressure Tester Accessories from Hubitools!

New Automotive Pressure Tester Accessories from Hubitools!

We're here to announce that we've added 4 new products to our Hubitools collection: The HU35033HU35041HU35039, & HU35027.

(Pictured: Hubitools Engine & Turbo Oil Pressure Adapters Set)

Hubitools specializes in selling application-specific automotive diagnostic tools and testers. Identifying the cause of a problem can be time-consuming, but these tools aim to streamline the process and resolve issues faster. Hubitools provides sensor simulators, electrical circuit meters, pressure testers, and more.

(Pictured: Hubitools Universal T Adaptors)

These new instruments and accessories are all related to measuring pressure in vehicles, such as diesel and petrol compression, oil pressure, turbo pressure, cooling system pressure, AD Blue pressure, fuel low pressure, vacuum pressure, particle filter pressure, and exhaust back pressure.

All of the new items are all accessories for the Hubitools HU35025 Pressure Tester. 

(Pictured above: (The Hubitools Universal Digital Automotive Pressure Tester Tool)

Each of these accessories expand the capabilities of the HU35025. The HU35033 adapters replace oil and turbo sensors so you can test oil and turbo pressures, the HU35039 lets you test diesel engine compression by using a false glow plug adapter. The HU35041 allows you to test flexible low-pressure lines, whereas the HU35025 on it's own lacks quick disconnectors for the plastic tees. 

(Pictured: Hubitools Diesel Glow Plug Compression Adaptor)

 Most of these need to be used with the HU35025. However, there is one item that can be used by itself, the HU35027 adapters, which replace oil and turbo sensors so you can test oil and turbo pressures. 

 (Pictured: Hubitools Cylinder Leakage Tester)

The Hubitools Cylinder Leakage Tester is an engine compression gauge that offers versatile functionality. Even the smallest differential in compression pressures can affect engine behavior and performance. It can be used as a standalone product with the included pressure gauge or connected to the Hubitools HU35025 pressure tester. This tool is ideal for testing and recording each cylinder’s pressure drop over a set period of time, making it perfect for warranty and traceability purposes. 

From testing diesel engine compression to measuring oil and turbo pressures, these tools are designed to streamline the diagnostic process and resolve issues more efficiently. Whether used as accessories to the HU35025 or as standalone instruments, these tools reinforce Hubitools' commitment to providing high-quality, application-specific automotive diagnostic solutions.

For more information, be sure to check out our Hubitools Resource Center!

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