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FREE Shipping from the USA. | Most orders ship within 24 hours.
FREE Shipping from the USA. | Most orders ship within 24 hours.

Hubitools Resource Center

The Hubitools Resource Center puts valuable product flyers and guides right at the tip of your finders.

Caution: Use info here at your own risk. Manufacturers sometimes make updates without informing us. If you have any questions please contact us first.

User Guides:

HU31025 Scope + User Guide

HU31035 Sensor Simulator User Guide

HU35025 Universal Pressure Tester User Guide

HU35026, HU35030, HU35031 Diesel High Pressure Tester User Guide


Product Flyers:

HU35025 Universal Pressure Tester Product Flyer



HU31035 Sensor Simulator - Features & Demonstration (New Model)

Hubitools HU31035 Sensor Simulator unboxing and demonstration.

Checking an ABS sensor with the Hubitools HU31035 Sensor Simulator and HU31025 Scope + Circuit Meter

Unboxing and trying the Hubitools HU35025 Vehicle Pressure Tester

Using the Hubitools HU31025 Scope+ Electrical Circuit Tester


Hubitools FAQ's:

Q: What sensors can the HU31035 Sensor Simulator Simulate?

A: Temperature Sensors, Window Motors, Manifold Butterfly Valves, Water Temperature Sensors, Throttle & Pedal Sensors, 5V Oxygen Sensors, 1V Oxygen Sensors, Exhaust Gas pressure Sensors, Cam Position Sensors. Crankshaft Position Sensors, Common Rail Sensors, Knock Sensors, MAP Sensors, ABS Sensors, MAF Sensors, Actuators, Fuel Injectors, Duty Cycle Sensors, Motorized Throttle, AC Pressure Sensors. See the full list on the product page.


Q: How do i use the HU31035 Sensor Simulator?

A: Watch this video and Read This User Guide and you'll be an expert in how to use the HU31035.


Q: What does the Hubitools HU35025 Pressure Tester Measure?

A: It measures Diesel and Petrol compression, Oil pressure, Turbo pressure, Cooling system pressure, AD Blue pressure, Fuel low pressure, Vacuum pressure, Particle filter pressure, & Exhaust back pressure. See the product page for all features & Specs.


Q: Does the Hubitools HU35025 Pressure Tester test high pressure?

A: For high pressure testing you'll need to add the HU35029 High Pressure Adapter Kit to your order.


Q: What Parameters does the Hubitools HU31025 Scope + Measure?

A: It Measures: Amps draw (Mini, ATC or Maxi) without removing the fuses from the Fuse Box. Voltage (max. 50VDC). Cranking volts with auto HOLD function. Resistance [Ohms] (from 0.0 Ω up to 1.0 MΩ). Frequency with peak to peak volts (up to 20 kHz). Duty cycle (%). Continuity test + Diode/ LED test.