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FREE Shipping from the USA. | Most orders ship within 24 hours.
New Fisso articulating arms for automation & workpiece holding

New Fisso articulating arms for automation & workpiece holding

Fisso has just added four new collections of tools to their roster! Fisso is known in the industrial world for their contribution of specialized articulated arms, perfect for projects that rely on precision, accuracy, and efficiency. In this blog post, we are going to introduce some new collections as well as some new additional products!

The Collections: 

Fisso Machine Vision Camera Mounts:

The Fisso Machine Vision Mounts consists of an articulated arm connected to a mounting plate and base. This is so they can hold specialized cameras in place for use with industrial machines. These Fisso Machine Vision Camera Mounts are a go-to choice for automation, automated inspection, robot guidance, and process control.


(Pictured: Fisso 260mm Articulated Machine Vision Camera Mount (M6 & M8 mounting plate)


Fisso Positioning Sensor Mounts:

These positioning sensor mounts are articulated arms holding sensors that attach to industrial machines and robots, attached by a mounting plate or magnet base. These sensors are specialized to detect movements in a part, component, or object, then sends a signal to the machine or operator in real time. Fisso positioning sensor mounts are designed to be robust and vibration-resistant, built for a long life in many modern factories and warehouses around the world. 

(Pictured: Fisso 130mm Articulated Positioning Sensor Mount (M6 Magnetic Base & M6 Mounting Plate))


Fisso Laser Sensor Mounts:

 These versatile articulated arms are perfect for jobs that require accurate counting, measuring, and analyzing. These laser sensor mounts connect to industrial machines, and are built to maintain a vibration resistance and rigidity, even if it is able to be moved. There are multiple ways they can be connected to a machine: clamp, mounting plate, threaded base, magnetic base, and more! Often found in factories or warehouses that use automation, machine inspection, robot guidance, and process control.


(Pictured: Fisso 200mm Articulated Laser Sensor Mount (M6 Table Clamp & 9-12 mm M6 Clamp


Fisso Work Positioning Arms:

The Fisso Work Positioning Arms are workpiece holders that attach to parts or materials using a clamp, allowing you to move the part into the desired position and hold it steady. These arms come with a clamp base, switch magnet base, and or threaded base. This allows it to attach to many different surfaces like machines, tabletops, or work benches. Fisso workpiece positioning arms can be found in machine shops, factories, automotive shops, and more.

(Pictured: Fisso Articulated Workpiece Positioning Arm (22lbs Hold Weight & 23.5" Radius)


More New additions: 

In addition to these new collections, there are two new items being introduced! Both crafted from stainless steel, these specialized high temp and anti-corrosion indicator holders are built to allow for more flexibility when working in more harsh temperatures or outdoor settings. There is an articulated arm that is specifically made to withstand extremes of hot and cold:

(Pictured: Fisso Articulated Indicator Holder Arm For Extreme Temperatures)

There is also an Indicator Holder Arm that is specifically designed for outdoor use, particularly situations where corrosion is a factor that needs to be looked out for:
(Pictured: Fisso Articulated Indicator Holder Arm For Outdoors & Corrosive Environments

In conclusion, we are thrilled to add these items to our ever-growing list of both specialized and versatile items to meet even the most niche of industrial needs! Don't forget to check out our Fisso Collection for even more specialized tools!

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