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FREE Shipping from the USA. | Most orders ship within 24 hours.
Precision Twist Drill Bits Find A Home At Shopena Supply

Precision Twist Drill Bits Find A Home At Shopena Supply

Starting as a humble garage in Chicago in 1952, Precision Twist Drill has stood the test of time. Now a highly acclaimed name across North America, PTD has become synonymous with excellence in hole-making tools. Catering to the intricate needs of aerospace and automotive manufacturers, PTD has become a hallmark in the industry.

Each collection on our site boasts a unique set of features, varying in lengths, taper types, finishes, and sizes. Understanding these terms is crucial for anyone looking to invest in precision drill bits.

(Pictured: Precision Twist Drill QC91P 11/16"D 9-1/4"L Parabolic HSS Straight Shank & Taper Length Drill Bit)

Highlighted Drill Bit Types:

  • Taper Length Drill Bits: Taper length drill bits by Precision Twist Drill boast an extended cutting length compared to jobber drill bits. This design is particularly advantageous for reaching challenging or hard-to-drill areas, making them an ideal choice for intricate precision work.

  •  Jobber Length Drill Bits: Precision Twist Drill's jobber length drill bits feature flute lengths that are 9 - 14 times the diameter of the bit. With versatile proportions, these bits are suitable for a wide array of hole-making tasks, making them a popular and versatile choice among professionals.

  • Bronze Oxide Finish: Drill bits with a bronze oxide finish, characterized by their bronze or gold color, are tailored for hole-cutting jobs where durability is paramount. This finish not only reduces friction but also enhances bit toughness, making it an excellent choice for metal cutting applications.

  • HSS Drill Bits (High-Speed Steel): Known as high-speed steel drill bits, HSS drill bits from Precision Twist Drill are engineered to withstand the high heat and cutting speed demands of metal drilling. The incorporation of additional alloys makes them harder than high-carbon steel, ensuring durability and resistance to wear.

  • HSS-E Drill Bits (High-Speed Steel with Cobalt): HSS-E drill bits take the durability of HSS a step further by incorporating 5% - 8% cobalt. This addition enhances resistance to heat, making them suitable for drilling into hard metals and enduring high temperatures. While slightly more brittle, HSS-E drill bits shine in applications involving cast iron, stainless steel, high-temperature alloys, and non-ferrous metals.

  • Shank Drill Bits: Straight shank drill bits feature a shank diameter identical to the cutting head, maintaining a cylindrical shape. This drill bit variant holds the title of the most widely used type. The bit's length is adjustable, allowing users to modify it depending on how shallow or deep they insert it into a drill.

(Pictured: Precision Twist Drill 209CO 7/8"D 10-3/4"L #3MT Cobalt Jobber Drill Bit)

 Many of Precision Twist Drill's collections are also available in sets, providing users with multiple options for their drilling needs. These sets, curated to offer a range of tools suitable for various applications, ensure that enthusiasts and professionals alike can build a versatile toolkit to tackle different projects.

(Pictured: Precision Twist Drill C115COMBC 1/16-1/2" N1-60 A-Z 115pc Cobalt Jobber Drill Set)

In conclusion, Whether you're sculpting intricate details in hard-to-reach areas or powering through robust materials, Precision Twist Drill is here to elevate your drilling experience!

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