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FREE Shipping from the USA. | Most orders ship within 24 hours.
New Item – Bethlehem Burners Star Desktop Torch

New Item – Bethlehem Burners Star Desktop Torch

If you're a glass worker looking to elevate your craft, Bethlehem Burners' Star Desktop Glassworking Torch is here to help ignite your creative journey. Designed to meet the demands of artists seeking a little extra heat for larger pieces while maintaining fuel efficiency, The Star Burner is the perfect choice for your glassworking arsenal. In this blog post, we'll explore the highlights, features, and functions that make this torch a remarkable addition to your toolkit.

What's New?

The Alpha's Big Brother: The Star Burner is the big brother of Bethlehem Burners' famous Alpha Desktop Glassworking Torch, offering much more power without a significantly higher price tag. 

No Second O2 Concentrator Required: One of the standout features of The Star Burner is that it doesn't require a second oxygen concentrator. This means you can enjoy the benefits of a more powerful torch without the added expense of another concentrator.

Larger Flame, Bigger Creations: With a bigger head that can produce a larger flame, The Star Burner is ideal for artists who want to create larger beads, marbles, and sculptures. It fills a unique niche for those who find the Alpha's power insufficient and don't want to invest in the more expensive Bravo Torch.


Features & Functions:

Stainless Steel Construction: The Star Burner, like the alpha, is constructed from high-quality stainless steel. This not only ensures durability but also keeps the torch cool even during extended use, making it comfortable to handle.

Optimized Fuel Efficiency: The unique design of The Star Burner allows for a higher volume of fuel to be used at lower inlet pressure, making it incredibly efficient. It operates seamlessly on household gas (1/4 psi) and can be used with a single oxygen concentrator (7 psi).

Versatile Flame Settings: The torch offers a range of flame settings to accommodate different glassworking needs. Whether you work with soft or borosilicate glass, The Star Burner delivers the perfect flame chemistry for your projects.

Impressive Burner Configuration: The Star Burner features a configuration of 6 center gas jets inside a star-shaped oxygen chamber, along with 5 outer fire gas jets surrounded by 15 additional oxygen ports. This results in optimal fuel flow, providing the ideal flame environment for glassworking.

The Star Burner by Bethlehem Burners is the ultimate tool for glass artists who aspire to create larger, more intricate pieces without the need for an additional oxygen concentrator. Its cost-effectiveness compared to the Alpha and the added power it offers make it a versatile and a smart choice for your glassworking needs.

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