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FREE Shipping from the USA. | Most orders ship within 24 hours.
FREE Shipping from the USA. | Most orders ship within 24 hours.
Explore Our Diverse Glass Blowing Torch Collection.

Explore Our Diverse Glass Blowing Torch Collection.

If you're a glass working enthusiast ready to elevate your craft, look no further. We're thrilled to introduce our curated collection of lamp-working and glass-blowing torches, designed to bring your artistic vision to life. You'll find most products separated into 2 categories, desktop torches and handheld torches. Below we've highlighted some of our new products, favorites, and best sellers.


Highlighted Torches:

Bethlehem Star:  Designed for creating larger beads, marbles, and sculptures. Featuring an all-stainless-steel construction, ensuring the torch stays cool during use. The unique design allows for a higher volume of fuel at a lower inlet pressure, making it ideal for operating on household gas (1/4 psi) and oxygen concentrator (7 psi).


Carlisle WildcatThe Carlisle Burners Wildcat is a high-quality glassworking tool designed for precision and efficiency. Features include solid brass construction, a "Vortex" oxygen cooling system, and extremely low fuel consumption.

(Pictured Above: Carlisle Burners Wildcat Surface Mix Desktop Bench Burner Torch)


Bethlehem Sharp Hand Torch: Crafted from stainless steel, the Bethlehem Sharp Hand Torch replicates the popular center fire flame of the discontinued PM2D bench burner. It produces an adjustable surface mix gas and oxygen flame, ideal for flame workers requiring precise heat application and sophisticated fuel mixture capabilities.

(Pictured Above: Bethlehem Burners Sharp Lamp Working Glass Blowing Hand Torch)


Carlisle Mini CC 12” Nozzle: The MINI CC is a surface mixed burner that provides an extensive range of flame capabilities, catering to the needs of both novices and seasoned professionals. The brass body incorporates cooling fins to dissipate heat, ensuring optimal performance. The stainless steel tube matrix, composed of seven tubes, adds durability and reliability to the design.


Whether you're a seasoned professional artist or just looking to try something new, our curated collection of desktop and hand torches offer a wide range of possibilities, sure to meet your creative needs! Make sure to explore our full collection!

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