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How to handle greasing equipment, machines, & tools on a farm.

How to handle greasing equipment, machines, & tools on a farm.

So much time on the farm is spent greasing things. Besides the animals, most everything that moves on the farm needs some sort of lubrication. Neglecting to lubricate your farm equipment can lead to damage, and costly repairs. We don't need to tell you how important preventative maintenance is on your farm, right?

So what's the best way to grease everything on your farm?

1) Automatic Lubricators: Also known as grease feeders, automatic lubricators are the best way to grease / oil everything on your farm. These cylinders are filled with any lubrication and dispense over time. You attach them to a lubrication point and then set the speed at which you want the grease or oil to dispense. These automatic lubricators can be used on a wide variety of farm equipment including tractors, attachments, mowers, conveyors, grain legs, and much more. They lubricate bearings, chains, threaded spindles, metal cables, & more. Depending on the setting, automatic lubricators can work for up to 1 year.

Simalube lubricator on a rolling bearing

(Pictured Above: A 125ML Simalube Automatic lubricator greasing a bearing.)


 Simalube 125ML lubricating a chain

(Pictured Above: A 125ML Simalube Automatic lubricator with brush attachment lubricating a chain.)


2) Multiple grease guns: If you still like to grease everything manually, you can purchase multiple grease guns. Then you can fill them with the lubricant needed, label them, and leave them by the machine that needs lubricating. This way you wont have to carry around a bunch of different grease guns.

3) Hire Help: This is going to be the costliest option, but you could hire an individual to do all the greasing for you. The benefit is that they can, hopefully, inspect the equipment as well while they are greasing it.

4) Have kids?: This is a great job for kids growing up on a farm to help with. Running around to the different pieces of equipment and machines takes a lot of energy. Give them a grease gun and send them on their way.

While there are many ways to lubricate the machines, tools, and equipment on your farm, Automatic Lubricators are definitely the easiest. If you're working on an extremely tight budget, try getting multiple grease guns as we suggested above. And if you need someone to inspect the equipment and lend a helping hand elsewhere then hiring help or getting the kids to help out would be a great idea.

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