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What is Kukko KUKKoating?

What is Kukko KUKKoating?

If you've been reading about a high end tools from Kukko, you may have come across a feature called KUKKoating. In the product description it's vaguely explained as "Self-healing corrosion protection for galvanized parts (WITHOUT chrom VI)". While it offers a little insight, it leaves a lot to be desired. So what is KUKKoating and how does it work?

What is KUKKoating?

KUKKoating is a protective zinc coating found on most Kukko tools. The zinc forms a layer over the steel, protecting it from damage, rust, and other corrosion. The process of applying a zinc coating to steal is known as galvanizing, & while the process is somewhat standardized, it will differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. The protective zinc coating used in the KUKKoating is self healing, which means it will partially repair itself when scratched. Kukko hasn't released full details on their galvanization process, but we know their are some manufacturers using a powder additive consisting of metal microcapsules with resin inside. When the coating is scratched, resin flows out towards the area with the damage, and cures.

Why does it matter?

KUKKoating will improve the service life of your tool & reduce delays in repairs and maintenance due to a broken tool. Some brands don't galvanize their tools because it takes extra time & money. Kukko knows that applying the KUKKoating is worth it, & will be appreciated by the technician of mechanic. 

If you have any questions about Kukko tools feel free to check out the Kukko Resource Center or contact us.

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