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What Are Automatic Machine Lubricators?

What Are Automatic Machine Lubricators?

In the past, a person had to attach a grease gun or pump to a part that needed lubrication. It took a lot of extra time, and if overlooked, could cause catastrophic failure of a machine. An automatic machine lubricator is used to provide continuous lubrication to a machine without a technician present. They are used to lubricate moving parts like bearings, chains, and other power transmission mechanisms. 


(Pictured: Simatec Simalube 125ml Single Point Automatic Lubricator)

How does it work?

Some machine lubricators (like those made by Simatec) use a gas-producing dry cell. This creates pressure behind the lubricant that pushes it out of the cylinder. Machine lubricators are adjustable, and you are able to modify how slowly/rapidly the lubricant comes out.

Simatec Simalube Replacement Refill Cartridge & Dry Cell (10 pcs)

(Pictured: Simatec Simalube Replacement Refill Cartridge & Dry Cell)

Why get it?

Automatic lubricators increase a machines longevity by reducing the frequency of required maintenance. Also, they're much more convenient since a technician does not have to manually lubricate the machine. They can be used for many different applications and are available with different types of lubricant including multipurpose grease, food industry grease, and food grade oil. They even come empty so you can fill them yourself.

Simatec lubricators can be installed in any position and can even be installed underwater! There are also Impulse pressure boosters available from Simatec. They help lubricant travel through longer lines and up inclines by increasing the pressure. 

(Pictured: Simatec Simalube Impulse Connect Bluetooth Lubricator Pressure Booster)

Automatic machine lubricators are used by a variety of industries including factories, machine shops, in food processing plants and even in the laundromat!


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