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FREE Shipping from the USA. | Most orders ship within 24 hours.
Are Reeflo Pumps Good?

Are Reeflo Pumps Good?

With so many shapes, sizes, brands, bells & whistles out there, looking for the perfect saltwater pump can be tricky! This blog post will discussing what sets Reeflo Pumps apart, why they're a great option.  

Pictured: Reeflo Gold Dart / Snapper Hybrid External Aquarium Water Pump)

Reeflo Water Pumps are unique because of their high flow, high pressure, low speed motors. Many pumps only have one of these features, but energy-efficient Reeflo Pumps have all three! 


(Pictures: Reeflo Silver Dart / Snapper Hybrid External Aquarium Water Pump (3 Options)

The Reeeflo pumps have 3 main benefits:

  • Affordability: The low speed of the motor allows it to save energy, making it inexpensive to operate when compared to other, similar motors. It's easy to forget about the large electricity bill that comes with lower quality motors!
  • Performance: The low-speed motor allows the pumps to run more quietly, and for longer. With Reeflo you won't have to worry about the endless droning of a noisy pump.
  • Customization: Unlike most water pumps, some Reeflo pumps come with a 2nd impeller that allows you to switch from one flow rate to another. This gives you a bit of flexibility on how the pump is used.

(Pictured: Reeflo Tiger Shark 1 HP External Aquarium Water Pump)

If you’re looking for an energy-smart, affordable, and effective water pump, a Reeflo Pump may be a good investment for you. With customizable parts, flow rates, and lower energy costs, there is sure to be a Reeflo Pump that will meet your needs. 

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