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FREE Shipping from the USA. | Most orders ship within 24 hours.
Why Do Linemen Need Specialized Tools?

Why Do Linemen Need Specialized Tools?

To put it simply, lineman work is highly specialized, and requires highly specialized tools

Workers are often around high voltage cables and use hardware that is unique to lineman jobs. Lineman tools are often constructed with fiberglass, which makes the tools non-conductive. 

Some examples of non-conductive tools would include the Milled Lineman Hammer, De-viner, and the Pole and Cradle Outrigger Pad

(Pictured:  Madi Pole Cradle and Outrigger Pad, made of fiberglass reinforced nylon) 

Some tools are designed to access specific pieces of electrical equipment. For example, the tri-penta wrench can access transformers and switch gears. 

(Pictured: Madi Tri-Penta Lineman Wrench)

 There are also tools that are meant to work specifically in conjunction with other pieces of lineman equipment, like the Madi 2 Inch and 3 Inch Safety Bucket Hooks, which are compatible with rubber blankets and tool/material bags. 

(Pictured: Madi 3 Inch Safety Bucket Hook)

Some Lineman tools are specificially compatible with certain parts or hardware. For example the lineman pliers are for tightening & removing fuse nuts.

(Pictured: Madi 10" Lineman Fuse Plier with Door Storage)


Because a lineman's job can be tough and dangerous, working with heights and high voltages, you wanna be sure that your tools are as safe and durable as you can get. See if Madi works for you!

 Still have questions? You can contact us, or take a look at the Madi Resource Center

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