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FREE Shipping from the USA. | Most orders ship within 24 hours.
FREE Shipping from the USA. | Most orders ship within 24 hours.

Kukko 28-C Internal Bearing Extraction Kit (12mm - 46mm ID Counterstay & Slide Hammer)

by Kukko
SKU 28-C
Original price $1,541.90 - Original price $1,541.90
Original price $1,541.90
$1,541.90 - $1,541.90
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  • Made In Germany.
  • LIGHT SHIFT: Free-moving, self-retaining jaws with internal spring washer.
  • EASY SCREW: The built-in thrust bearing facilitates rotation through reduced frictional resistance.

Using the Kukko 12mm - 46mm ID Internal Bearing Extraction Kit with counterstay & Slide Hammer you can easily extract bearings, outer bearing rings, bushings and components with threads. That includes dowel pins, parallel-keys, bolts, and more. This kit includes the interior blind hole bearing pullers, counterstays, a slide hammer, and thread adapters.


      • The 2-shell design of the interior pullers with extra large grasp edges ensures safe extraction.
      • The internal extractors are equipped with an internal safety stop to protect against excess spreading and overloading.
      • For removing parts with centric threaded holes.
      • Kukko thread inserts can be combined with counter supports and slide hammers.
      • Instructions on the cover.
      • Secure storage in special foam.
      • Personal KUKKO-Chip-Code.

          Kukko Advantage:

              •  Practical assembly is suitable for universal application and particularly for tool and mold-making.
              • 1. Extracting register pins: To extract parts with inner and outer threads such as register pins, taper pins or cylinder dowels.
              • 2. Measuring function: The thread can be clearly identified with the help of the measurements lasered onto the thread adapters.
              • KUKKO internal extractors can be combined with counter supports and slide hammers.
              • The arms on the counter supports are easy-to-adjust thanks to an internal spring mechanism. (size 1 to 3)
              • Complete easy-to-manage package.
              • Almost all components available as replacement parts, time-saving order process thanks to numbering system.
              • KUKKO-L-Boxx-System compatible with systems by all common manufacturers.
              • Quality made in Germany.
              • Strong design, high performance and long service life.
              • Self-healing corrosion protection KUKKoating for galvanized parts (WITHOUT chrom VI).
              • Safety label to ensure protection of intellectual property.
              • Product video can be opened directly on the tool using the QR code.


                              • Inner diameter of ball bearing: 12 - 46 mm (15/32 - 1 7/8 inch)
                              • Slide hammer rod connection thread: M12
                              • Internal thread: M12 -M7; M12 -M10; M12 - 15-16G
                              • Thread of adapter (side of adapter): M10
                              • Thread of adapter (side of workpiece): M3; M4; M5; M6; M8; M10; M12; M14; M16; M18.
                              • Weight: 11.995 kg

                                          What's included: (SKU and Item Name)

                                                      • 223-K Set of parallel-key and dowel-pin extractors
                                                      • 25-A Set of bearing extracting tools
                                                      • 21-1 Internal extractor
                                                      • 21-2 Internal extractor
                                                      • 21-3 Internal extractor
                                                      • 21-4 Internal extractor
                                                      • 21-5 Internal extractor
                                                      • 21-6 Internal extractor
                                                      • 22-1 Counterstay
                                                      • 22-2 Counterstay
                                                      • GE10-10 Thread adapter M10 / M10
                                                      • GE12-10 Thread adapter M12 / M10
                                                      • GE14-10 Thread adapter M14 / M10
                                                      • GE16-10 Thread adapter M16 / M10
                                                      • GE18-10 Thread adapter M18 / M10
                                                      • GE3-10 Thread adapter M3 / M10
                                                      • GE4-10 Thread adapter M4 / M10
                                                      • GE5-10 Thread adapter M5 / M10
                                                      • GE6-10 Thread adapter M6 / M10
                                                      • GE8-10 Thread adapter M8 / M10
                                                      • KS-22-01-GH Slide hammers
                                                      • VM12-10 female adapter M12 / M10
                                                      • VM12-1516 female adapter M12 / 15x16G


                                                                  Download the Kukko 28-C data sheet here.

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