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FREE Shipping from the USA. | Most orders ship within 24 hours.
FREE Shipping from the USA. | Most orders ship within 24 hours.

ANSED AUTOplus 5 Vehicle Exhaust Gas Emissions Diagnostic Analyzer Scanner Tool Kit W Printer

by Ansed
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  • Detect problems too marginal to be detected by an onboard computer or a scan tool.
  • Interprets the exhaust gases and their interactions.
  • Provides a top-down list of suggested problems and solutions in order of probability.
  • Reduce diagnostic time, verify repairs are complete, reduce comebacks, and increase overall profitability and customer satisfaction.
  • Tests HC, O2, CO, CO2, NOX and Lambda.
  • Readings are LIVE, not calculated.
  • Self-calibrating, no cal-gas required.
  • Dyno not required for NOX testing.
  • Completely portable.
  • Low cost to operate and maintain.
  • Operates off internal rechargeable battery.
  • Water trap and filter visible.
  • QVGA Display: Large (3 x 2.2”) and easy to read all gases and Lambda on one screen, no scrolling
  • Ergonomic Design Keypad: Simple and easy to navigate and use.
  • Bluetooth or USB Cable ready: Links analyzer easily to PC to use with KANE LIVE Graphing Software
  • Variable Pump Speed: Allows for adjustment of the pump speed, which can then improve battery life
  • Optional Hi-Speed Print Capability: Use with the KMIRP2 hi-speed printer with rechargeable battery
  • Probe: Equipped with the EPAUTO7 Hi-Temperature Probe, with Neoprene tubing.

If you need a way to quickly and easily diagnose vehicle issues through exhaust gas then the ANSED AUTOplus 5 Vehicle Exhaust Gas Emissions Diagnostic Analyzer Scanner Tool Kit W Printer is going to be perfect for you. It identifies issues that most scanners and onboard computers cant, and even offers suggestions on how to repair these issues.

Technical Specifications:





Carbon Monoxide


0.01 %

+/- 5 % of reading *1

+/- 0.06 % volume *1

0-10 %

Over-range 20 %


(fuel cell)

0.01 %

+/- 5 % of reading*1

+/- 0.1 % volume *1

0-21 %

Over-range 25 %



1 ppm

+/- 5 % of reading *1

+/- 12 ppm volume *1

0-5000 ppm

Over-range: 10,000 ppm

Carbon Dioxide


0.1 %

+/- 5 % of reading *1

+/- 0.5 % volume *1

0-16 %

Over-range: 25%

Nitric Oxide*²

(fuel cell)

1 ppm

0-1500ppm +/-5% or 25ppm;


Over-range: 5000 ppm

Carbon Monoxide

Corrected COK





AFR (Petrol)





0.8 – 1.2

11.76 – 17.64

12.48 – 18.72

Sensor response T95

Nominal 20 seconds AUTOplus5

Warm up

Less than 2 minutes

Pre-programmed Fuels

Petrol/Gasoline, LPG Diesel and CNG.

PC connection

Via RS 232 port


500 Tests






1kg (2.2 pounds)

220mm x 55mm x 120mm (8.7 x 2.2 x 4.7”)

Insertion depth 350mm x Diameter 15mm

Clip handle to secure to exhaust, 4m long hose

Various probes available including high temperature

Ambient Operating Range

+5°C to +45°C/10% to 90% RH noncondensing

Storage temperature

Minimum: 0°C

Maximum: +50°C

Battery Charger

Input: 100-240 V ~ 47-63 Hz

Output: 12 V DC

Analyzer battery run time

4+ hours from full charge with the pump running, 8+ hours with pump off. To charge, 6-8 hours.


ANSED Exhaust Gas Diagnostic Software:

  • Interprets the exhaust gas analyzer readings in seconds!
  • Uses a floating matrix formula for each gas reading, coupled with other diagnostic variables, to enhance the accuracy.
  • Several possible solutions, in order of probability, are suggested with the first one the likely cause in 80% of the situations.
  • Diagnose no-code drivability & performance issues
  • Ensure catalytic converter related repairs are complete
  • Print test results reports: pre- and post-repair
  • Verify vehicle running at max efficiency after repairs and prevent comebacks
  • Easy-to-read PASS/FAIL report.
  • Pre-repair reports provide initial gas analysis for review.
    • Customer Report offers a “customer friendly analysis” of the exhaust diagnostic test.
    • Technician Report details the diagnostic test results and suggested procedures.
  • Post-repair report verifies that repairs have been completed and the vehicle is running at maximum efficiency.
  • All reports can be printed or saved for future reference.

KANE LIVE Graphing Software:

  • Is a great way to connect to the AUTOplus5 Gas Analyzer to view gas exhaust readings, all in "real-time” on your PC via Bluetooth™ or USB Cable.
  • Data is viewed either digitally or in graph form so you can easily track parameters over time as they change.
  • If required, the live data can be saved and stored on your PC. The software also allows for printing.
  • Monitor individual exhaust gas readings digitally on a larger PC screen.
  • Graphically display individual gas readings over time.
  • Check individual exhaust gas readings for dropouts, spikes or irregularities in graphing mode.
  • Save all information to PC for future reference.

What's Included?

  • KANE AUTOplus5 Gas Analyzer
  • EPAUTO7 Hi-Temp Probe
  • KMIRP2 Hi-Speed Printer
  • AC Charger
  • 12V DC Charger
  • Five (5) Replacement Filters
  • User Manual & Quick Start Guide
  • ANSED Exhaust Gas Diagnostics Software (FREE)
  • KANE Live Graphing Software (FREE)
  • CL5 USB Cable
  • Shoulder Bag


Need more info? Please contact us or go to the Ansed Resource Center.

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