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What is a blind hole bearing puller?

What is a blind hole bearing puller?

In the universe of power transmission & bearings, you'll notice that the variety of parts, tools, & accessories is seemingly endless. It makes sense, bearings are nearly everywhere. You'll find them in cars, factory machines, industrial equipment, and even in skateboards and roller blades. Because of this, special tools must exist maintain those bearings.

You've likely heard of a bearing puller. Maybe you've even heard of different types like internal pullers, external pullers, & ball bearing pullers. So, what is a blind hole bearing puller?

What is a blind hold puller?

A blind hole bearing puller is also known as an internal puller or pilot hole puller. They're used to remove bearings whose outer race (ring) is fitted to a part / housing. This contrasts to bearings that are installed on a shaft, so their inner race hole makes contact with the part / component. Note: there are some bearings that are on a shaft AND fitted to an outer housing. These require a specific type of bearing puller with hooks.

Pictured: The Kukko K-22-B Ball bearing extraction kit with slider hammer & counterstay.


Using a blind hole puller:

Blind hole pullers are usually inserted into the interior of a bearing & expanded. They either have hooks or ridges that grab onto the bearing. Once the internal extractor is expanded, you'd use a counterstay (counter-pressure), or a slide hammer to remove the bearing. An optimal blind hole puller would allow you to apply even & consistent pressure during the extraction.

Pictured: The Kukko 21-6 Internal Bearing Puller and counterstay. This is an example of a blind hole puller  & counterstay working together.


How do i know what i need?:

Is the bearing on a shaft with no housing? If so, one of our external bearing pullers should do the trick. Is the bearing in a housing with no shaft inside? Then our internal extractors should work. Is the bearing in a housing with a shaft inside? If so, is it a deep groove ball bearing? Then you'd want to use one of our ball bearing removers.

Pictured: The Simatec Simatool BP 61 removing a deep groove ball bearing inside a housing with a shaft inside.


Need more help or not sure what to use? Feel free to check out our brand-specific resource center or contact us.


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