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FREE Shipping from the USA. | Most orders ship within 24 hours.
What's So Special About Madi Lineman Knives?

What's So Special About Madi Lineman Knives?

Madi Tools is a brand founded by Ralph Stinson, a lineman with 45 years of experience who used his knowledge to develop a line of tools perfectly suited to the job. In 2011, Madi Tools was born. Madi's line of knives are designed specifically with linemen and electrical workers in mind. This blog post is going to discuss some benefits of choosing a Madi Lineman Knife. 

(Pictured: Madi One Flip Blunted Lineman Knife)

Most Madi Lineman Knives have bright colors so they are easily noticeable and difficult to lose.

They are made with high grade metal to keep them durable and sharp for longer. 


(Pictured: Madi BrushBlade Safety Lineman's Knife)

Madi Tools offers both Pocket Knives & Wire Skinning Knives. The pocket knives feature a loop & belt clip so they can be attached to the user while working. The Skinning Knives are specially made with a handle made from non-conductive material to reduce the risk of electric shock. 

(Pictured: Madi One Flip Pointed Lineman Knife)

There are a variety of different blade tips for different types of jobs. 

Most of the knives are made to be operated easily with work gloves on, adding additional accessibility and safety. Madi Tools have been operating with lineman's safety and efficiency as their top priority, and continue to innovate and expand their line of tools with that mindset. 

Here's a summary of why Madi Lineman knives are special:

  • Bright colors: Easy to see & hard to lose.
  • Made w/ high grade metal: They stay sharper for longer.
  • A lot of varieties & features: You can get pocket knives and wire skinning knives each with built in features you'll love.
  • Non-conductive material: Some help reduce risk of electric shock.
  • Different blade types and tips.
  • Easy to operate and use.

In conclusion, Madi offers a wide array of high-quality and durable stainless steel lineman knives and are a great choice for everyday lineman work.

Still have questions? You can contact us, or take a look at the Madi Resource Center.

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